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Jay Mohr Sports

Rex Chapman defends his tweets about John Calipari

Former Kentucky Wildcats & NBA star Rex Chapman joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday after the national championship game. We had him expound on his pre-game tweet that John Calipari would be headed to L.A. to coach the Lakers

Mohr: "How surprised were you when the Lakers actually responded with a statement regarding your tweet on John Calipari last night through John Black and Mitch Kupchak? That is comical in itself….that the mighty Lakers are responding to people’s tweets?"

Chapman: "No doubt. I am a Mike D’Antoni guy. I like Mike, I know Mike well. We’re living in a fantasy world to think that Mike (D’Antoni) is going to remain very long with the Lakers. I hope he does (though), and I hope John Calipari stays in Lexington as I’ve said all along, and I’ve never swayed from this. I heard that Cal is going to the Lakers; but I’ll believe it when I see it. I still think he is going to stay in Lexington, and we’ll see, but he’ll be linked to ten other jobs in the next two weeks. It’s the business of basketball."



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