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Jay Mohr Sports

Oregon State's Brandin Cooks talks NFL Draft

Former Oregon State star WR Brandin Cooks joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and we wanted to know as the fastest man at the NFL Combine with a 4.33 40-yard dash, who could catch him, if anyone, at the next level.

Mohr: Is there a guy in the NFL you can see running you down?

Cooks: No, I am going to smoke the competition. I can’t see nobody running me down and I just won’t admit it if that’s the case.

Mohr: You grew up in Stockton, California, if you had your dream draft is it the San Francisco 49ers?

Cooks: Probably, just growing up being a Niner fan. Being close to home that would be a dream, due to the fact that I would be close to my family. But, for me I don’t care where I go…I can live anywhere and get (use) to it.



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