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Man Wigs Out and Arrested

Man Wigs Out and Arrested

dreadlock wigA Troy man, who tried to disguise himself from police by donning a dreadlock wig, was uncovered early Wednesday morning and arrested for stabbing a man, city police said.

“It was not of the highest quality,” according to Capt. John Cooney. “We probably saw a few out there on Halloween that would have much better fooled the police than this one.”

Marlon Saint Francis, 39, is charged with Attempted Murder (2nd degree). He was arraigned in Troy Police Court Wednesday morning.

Police say Francis walked up to a man in a car, shook his hand and then leaned in and stabbed him several times – all because the victim was reportedly dating an ex-girlfriend of Francis’. The victim was able to drive off for several blocks before crashing into a cemetery fence at 4th Ave. and 107th Street.

That stabbing happened around 5:00 p.m. Monday in the area of 282 Fourth Avenue in Troy, police said. The victim was able to get out of the car after the crash and ran and called police. He was taken to Albany Medical Center, losing a lot of blood and in near grave condition. Police say one wound came close to the carotid artery but now he is expected to recover.

“The surveillance was 100% non-stop and we were rewarded with our capture early, early this morning.”

Police tracked Francis by using a street name and watched two locations until they found him early Wednesday wearing a wig which was easily removed, Cooney said.


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